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67154822 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
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  • no2020006848 sh 87000231
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  • Greek mythological character
  • Heroes
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  • Greece
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  • Illyria
  • Princes
  • Kings and rulers
  • Kings
Used for:
  • Κάδμος, (Greek mythological character)
  • Kadmos, (Greek mythological character)
  • Cadmo, (Greek mythological character)
  • Cadmos, (Greek mythological character)
  • 카드모스, (Greek mythological character)
  • K'adŭmosŭ, (Greek mythological character)
  • Кадм, (Greek mythological character)
  • Kadm, (Greek mythological character)
  • 卡德摩斯, (Greek mythological character)
  • Kademosi, (Greek mythological character)
  • Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
  • Calasso, Roberto. The marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, 1993.
  • Encyclopædia Britannica online, January 15, 2020 (Cadmus, in Greek mythology, the son of Phoenix or Agenor (king of Phoenicia) and brother of Europa; he founded the city of Thebes; took as his wife Harmonia, daughter of the divinities Ares and Aphrodite, by whom he had a son, Polydorus, and four daughters, Ino, Autonoë, Agave, and Semele; Cadmus and Harmonia retired to Illyria. But when the Illyrians later angered the gods and were punished, Cadmus and Harmonia were saved, being changed into black serpents and sent by Zeus to the Islands of the Blessed (Elysian Fields))
  • Wikipedia, January 15, 2020 (In Greek mythology, Cadmus (Greek: Κάδμος = Kadmos), was the founder and first king of Thebes. Cadmus was the first Greek hero and, alongside Perseus and Bellerophon, the greatest hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles; son of king Agenor and queen Telephassa of Tyre and the brother of Phoenix, Cilix and Europa; consort: Harmonia) Spanish version (Cadmo) French version (Cadmos) Korean version (카드모스 = K'adŭmosŭ) Russian version (Кадм = Kadm) Chinese version (卡德摩斯 = Kademosi)
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