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65960356 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
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  • n 2014046207 sh 85060359
Corporate body details:
  • Roman mythological character
Used for:
  • Херкулес, (Roman mythological character)
  • Kherkules, (Roman mythological character)
  • Herkules, (Roman mythological character)
  • Erculu, (Roman mythological character)
  • Herkul, (Roman mythological character)
  • Ercole, (Roman mythological character)
  • Erculi, (Roman mythological character)
  • Херкул, (Roman mythological character)
See also:
  • Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
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  • Wikipedia, November 14, 2014 (Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles, who was the son of Zeus (Roman equivalent Jupiter) and the mortal Alcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures) Bulgarian page (Херкулес = Kherkules) Bosnian page (Herkules) Corsican page (Erculu) Croatian page (Herkul) Italian page (Ercole) Sicilian page (Erculi) Serbian page (Херкул = Herkul)
  • Britannica online, May 29, 2018 (Heracles, Greek Herakles, Roman Hercules, one of the most famous Greco-Roman legendary heroes)
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  •, May 29, 2018 (Heracles (or Hercules) is best known as the strongest of all mortals, and even stronger than many gods. He was the deciding factor in the triumphant victory of the Olympians over the giants. He was the last mortal son of Zeus, and the only man born of a mortal woman to become a god upon his death)
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