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61542963 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
LC number:
  • n 88029439
  • 1170~
  • Puente la Reina (Spain)
  • 1247
  • Vienne (France)
Associated with:
  • Spain Navarre (Kingdom)
  • Bishops
Used for:
  • Rodericus Ximenius, de Rada, Archbishop of Toledo, approximately 1170-1247
  • Rodericus, Archbishop of Toledo, approximately 1170-1247
  • Rodrigo Jiménez, de Rada, Archbishop of Toledo, approximately 1170-1247
  • De Rada, Rodrigo Jiménez, approximately 1170-1247
  • Rada, Rodrigo Jiménez de, approximately 1170-1247
  • Ximénez de Rada, Rodrigo, approximately 1170-1247
  • Ximenes de Rada, Roderigo, approximately 1170-1247
  • Ximenius de Rada, Rodericus, approximately 1170-1247
  • Ximenius, Rodericus, approximately 1170-1247
  • Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo, ca. 1170-1247
  • Ximénez de Rada, Rodrigo, Cardinal, d. 1247
  • Biblioteca nacional de Espana online catalog, viewed April 16, 2016 (authorized access point: Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo (ca. 1170-1247); variant forms of name: Rodericus, Archiepiscopus Toletanus; Ximénez de Rada, Rodrigo)
  • Enciclopedia universal (Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo, prelado y escritor español, born in Navarra, between 1170 and 1180; died June 10, 1247)
  • LC manual authority card (hdg.: Ximénez de Rada, Rodrigo, Cardinal, died 1247; x-refs.: Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo; Ximenius de Rada, Rodericus)
  • Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche (Ximenes de Rada, Roderigo, born 1170/80 (?))
  • Pasajes selectos de Hispania gothica, 2007 title apge (Roderici Ximénii de Rada)
  • Roderici Ximenii de Rada Historia de rebus Hispanie, sive, Historia Gothica, 1987 page ix (Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada, born at Puente de la Reina, Navarra, 1170; died 1207)
  • Spanish Wikipedia, viewed April 16, 2016 (Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada; El Toledano; ecclesiastic, military leader, statesman and historian; was Archbishop of Toledo from 1208 until his death in 1247; "Jiménez" is a patronymic derived from the name of his father, Jimeno Pérez)
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