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61542883 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Description conventions:
  • rda
LC number:
  • no2015001988 sh 85068380
Corporate body details:
  • Egyptian deity
  • Goddesses, Egyptian
Associated with:
  • Egypt
Used for:
  • Ízisz, (Egyptian deity)
  • İsida, (Egyptian deity)
  • איזיס, (Egyptian deity)
  • إيزيس, (Egyptian deity)
  • Исида, (Egyptian deity)
  • Изида, (Egyptian deity)
  • ́̓Ισις, (Egyptian deity)
  • Ісіда, (Egyptian deity)
  • 伊西斯, (Egyptian deity)
  • イシス, (Egyptian deity)
  • 이시스, (Egyptian deity)
  • Īzīs, (Egyptian deity)
  • Aset, (Egyptian deity)
  • Eset, (Egyptian deity)
  • Iset, (Egyptian deity)
  • Ishisu, (Egyptian deity)
  • Iside, (Egyptian deity)
  • Isidi, (Egyptian deity)
  • Isiseu, (Egyptian deity)
  • Izidė, (Egyptian deity)
  • Izida, (Egyptian deity)
  • Iziso, (Egyptian deity)
  • Izyda, (Egyptian deity)
  • Yi xi si, (Egyptian deity)
  • Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
  • Colloque international sur les études isiaques (5th : 2011 : Boulogne-sur-Mer, France). Power, politics, and the cults of Isis, 2014.
  • Wikipedia, 7 January 2015 (Isis; Aset or Iset in Egyptian; goddess from Egypt; later her worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world; patroness of nature and magic; sister and wife of Osiris, mother of Horus; other forms: ́̓Ισις; إيزيس; İsida; Ісіда; Изида; Исида; Izida; Eset; Iziso; 이시스; Iside; איזיס; IzidEge; bIzisz; イシス; Izyda; Isidi; 伊西斯)
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  • (AuPaJTL)62775
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  • UPB eng rda UPB DLC