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61542388 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
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  • nr 96044528
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  • Saint
  • 0110~g0180~
  • Jerusalem
Used for:
  • HeĢ„gesippos, Saint, -approximately 180
  • Hegesippus, Saint, d. ca. 180
See also:
  • Encyclopedia of the early Church, 1992 1:371 (Hegesippus; 2nd c. writer, prob. of Jewish origin; last known to be writing under Pope Eleutherius (174-189); author of Hypomnemata)
  • Hegesippi qui dicitur Historiae libri V, 1932
  • RLIN, 12/12/96 (hdg.: Hegesippus, Saint, d. ca. 180)
  • Wikipedia 7 June 2016 (Hegesippus' works are now entirely lost, save eight passages concerning Church history quoted by Eusebius, who tells us that he wrote Hypomnemata in five books, in the simplest style, concerning the tradition of the Apostolic preaching)
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