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  • n 84016461
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  • גוש־אמונים
  • גוש אמונים (ישראל)
  • Bloc of the Faithful (Israel)
  • Ghūsh Imūnīm (Israel)
  • Goush Émounim (Israel)
  • Gusch Emunim
  • Tenuʻat Gush emunim (Israel)
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  • Abū Ghazālah, M. Ḥarakat Ghūsh Imūnīm bayna al-naẓarīyah wa-al-taṭbīq, 1984 t.p. (Ghūsh Imūnīm)
  • Data from ALA Booklist for The Hundred years war, personal ... [VR] 1983 (Gush Emunim; movement among Israeli settlers)
  • Die Siedlerbewegung, c2010 p. [5] (Gusch Emunim)
  • Israel at the polls, 1979 p. 317 (Gush Emunim, lit. "Bloc of the Faithful", a nonparty pressure group with origins going back to 1967)
  • Le mouvement Goush Émounim et la colonisation de la Cisjordanie, 2006 t.p. (Goush Émounim)
  • Newman, D. Jewish settlement in the West Bank, 1982 t.p. (Gush Emunim) p. 27 (formal founding of Gush Emunim dates from 7th Feb. 1974 when a group of several hundred ... attended a founding convention)
  • Peleg, M. Le-hafits et zaʻam ha-El, c1997 p. 11 (Tenuʻat Gush emunim; a branch within the religious Zionist movement in Israel which seeks to re-establish the religious Zionist character of "greater" Israel by political activism and by settling in Judea and Samaria)
  • Raanan, Ts. Gush-emunim, 1980.
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