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61540002 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 90679721 n 2003041622
  • Empresses
Used for:
  • Adélaïde, de Bourgogne, 931-999
  • Adelaide, of Burgundy, 931-999
  • Adelaide, Queen, consort of Lothair II, King of Italy, 931-999
  • Adelaide, Saint, 931-999
  • Adelheid, Empress, consort of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, 931-999
  • Adelheid, Saint, 931-999
  • Adelheide, Empress, consort of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, 931-999
  • women's history: Adelaide, viewed Jan. 28, 2009 (Adelaide; 931-999; also known as Adelheide, Adelheid)
  • Adélaïde de Bourgogne, 2002
  • Adelaide. Holy Roman empress, viewed Jan. 28, 2009 (Adelaide (Adelheide); 931-999); Holy Roman Empress, married to Otto II; when Otto the Second died, Adelaide became the substitute emperor; she ruled for Otto III; as soon as Otto the Third became fourteen, he politely yet firmly requested the crown; Adelaide agreed and ceded power to him)
  • Autorités BnF, Aug. 14, 2002 (hdg.: Adéľaïde (sainte ; 0930 ?-0999))
  • Biog.-bibliog. Kirchenlexikon WWW Homepage, viewed 08/20/2003 (Adeleheid, die Heilige, Kaiserin; b. ca. 931, daughter of King Rudolf II of Burgundy; d. Dec. 16, 999 in Kloster Selz (Elsass); widow of King Lothar of Italy; married German King Otto I; crowned Empress in 962 by Pope John XII; named a saint in 1097 by Urban II)
  • EB (Adelaide, Queen of Italy and Empress, 931-999; crowned Empress of Holy Roman Empire 2/2/962 as wife of Otto I)
  • Empress Adelaide--women in world history curriculum, viewed Jan. 28, 2009 (Empress Adelaide (931-999); Adelaide, Queen of Burgundy and Empress of the Holy Roman; wife of the powerful Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, and regent for both her son Otto II and, later, grandson Otto III)
  • Gr. Brockhaus (under Adelheid, deutsche Kaiserinnen: Adelheid, die Heilige, b. ca. 931; d. in Selz (Elsass) Dec. 16, 999; married German king Otto I)
  • MacCabe, W.B. Adelaide, Queen of Italy, or, The iron crown, 1856.
  • Queenship and sanctity, 2004 CIP t.p. (Adelheid)
  • Wikipedia, Jan. 28, 2009 (Adelaide of Italy; Saint Adelaide of Italy, also called Adelaide of Burgundy (931/932-16 December 999); daughter of Rudolf II of Burgundy and Bertha of Swabia; first marriage, at the age of fifteen, was to the son of her father's rival in Italy, Lothair II, the nominal King of Italy; married Otto the Great of Germany in 951; he was crowned [Holy Roman] Emperor in Rome, 2 February 962 by Pope John XII, and, most unusually, she was crowned Empress at the same ceremony)
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