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  • Name.
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  • n 86853808
  • 1695-10-23
  • Soignies, Belgium
  • 1768-04-14
  • Munich, Germany
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  • Germany Paris, France
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  • Munich, Germany
Fields of activity:
  • Architecture
  • Architects
Used for:
  • Cuvilliés, F. (François), d. Ä, 1695-1768
  • Cuvilliés, François de, der Ältere, 1695-1768
  • Cuvilliés, François de, l'Ancien, 1695-1768
  • Cuvilliés, Jean François Vincent Joseph, 1695-1768
  • Cuvilliés, Jean François, 1695-1768
  • De Cuvilliés, François, 1695-1768
  • DeCuvilliés, François, 1695-1768
  • Bleibaum, F. Schloss Wilhelmstal und François de Cuvilliés D.Ä., 1932.
  • Deutsch Biographie online, Jun. 28, 2013 (access point: "Cuvilliés, Jean François Vinzent Joseph de"; born Oct. 23, 1695, Soignies (Hennegau); died Apr. 14, 1768 in Munich; entered service to Elector Max Emanuel of Bavaria (residing in Brussels) in 1708; for exceptional experience in construction he was named Kammerrat in 1758, and 1763 Oberhofbaumeister upon the death of J. Gunetzrhainer)
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek online, via WWW, Jun. 28, 2013 (access point: ; other access points: Cuvilliés, François de <der Ältere> De Cuvilliés, François; Cuvilliés, Jean François; DeCuvilliés, François)
  • French Wikipedia, Jun. 28, 2013 " "François de Cuvilliés l'Ancien" (François de Cuvilliés l'Ancien; born Oct. 23, 1695 in Soignies, Hainaut, Belgium; died Apr. 14, 1768 in Munich; full name: Jean François Vincent Joseph Cuvilliés)
  • German Wikipedia, Jun. 28, 2013 "François de Cuvilliés der Ältere" (François de Cuvilliés der Ältere; born Oct. 23, 1695 in Soignies, Hennegau, Belgium; died Apr. 14, 1768 in the Burgstrasse, Munich; name also frequently written in the German manner: Cuvillies; construction master; sculptor; stucco plasterer; ornamentalist; 1755-1756 second stay in Paris to study with the architect Jacques-François Blondel; between 1738-1756 published 20 books on interior decoration that spread the Rococo style throughout Europe)
  • Hundt, D. F. Civillés d. Ä, F. Cuvillié d. J., 1990 cover title (F. Cuvilliés d. Ä) page 1 (François Cuvilliés dem Älteren (dative form); born Oct 23, 1695 in the Walloon city of Soignies; at 11 as court jester (Hofzwerg) came to the court of the Bavarian elector Max Emanuel; raised with the court's children, educated in architectural drawing, mathematics and fortification construction; named an ensign in the Guards infantry regiment 1717; sent in 1720 to study architecture in Paris; appointed court construction master in 1725 and effectively senior construction master in 1728, in which position he became the founder of Bavarian Rococo style; the noble title "de" he received from Elector Clemens August of Cologne in 1730; twice married, 14 children in all; spoke only French; died Apr. 18, 1678) page 2 (F. Cuvilliés der Ältere)
  • Mellenthin, H. François Cuvilliés' Amalienburg, c1989 p. 3 (Jean François Cuvilliés)
  • nuc86-86933: His Morceaux de caprices ... 1981, c1745 (hdg. on MWiW rept.: Cuvilliés, François de, 1695-1768; usage: François Cuvilliés)
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