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  • Name.
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  • no 91014418
Used for:
  • Aristeidēs, active 2nd century
  • Aristide, active 2nd century
  • Aristide, di Atene, active 2nd century
  • Aristide, Marciano, active 2nd century
  • Aristide Marciano, active 2nd century
  • Aristides, Marcianus, active 2nd century
  • Aristides, of Athens, active 2nd century
  • Aristides, 2nd cent
  • Not the same as Aristides, Aelius, a sophist, also active 2nd century.
  • His The apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians, 1893.
  • New Cath. encyc. (Aristides, 2nd cent.; Athenian philosopher and Christian apologist; author of Apology for the Christian faith; no mention of sainthood for Aristides)
  • Encic. catt. (Aristide, Marciano; one of the first Christian apologists, Athenian philosopher who presented an Apologia to Emperor Hadrian)
  • Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (Aristides, fl. 2nd cent.; Athenian philosopher, one of the earliest Christian apologists; his Apology for the Christian faith one of the oldest extant apologist documents; no mention of sainthood for Aristides)
  • Encic. ital. (Aristide Marciano)
  • Megalē hellēnikē enkyk. (Aristeidēs apologētēs)
  • BM cat. (Aristides, Saint and philosopher)
  • Bib. nat. (Aristide, Saint)
  • NUC pre-1956 (Aristides, Marcianus, Saint, of Athens)
  • Holweck's Biog. dict. of the saints, 1924 (Aristides, philosopher and Christian apologist; native of Athens, converted to the faith, wrote an apologetic treatise; feast day Aug. 31 in Roman martyrology, Sept. 13 in Athens)
  • His Apologia, 1988 t.p. (Aristide di Atene)
  • Quasten, J. Patrology, 1983 v. 1, p. 191 (Aristides of Athens)
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