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57390025 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Used for:
  • LEGO gruppe (Denmark)
  • Groupe LEGO (Denmark)
  • LEGO Group (Denmark)
  • "L’Architecture est un jeu-- magnifique," ... c1986: colophon (Lego Gruppe, Dänemark)
  • "L’architecture est un jeu-- magnifique," ... French ed., c1986: colophon (Groupe LEGO, Danemark)
  • The official Lego creator activity book, c1998: p. 2 (Lego Group)
  • Numbers, 2007: t.p. (LEGO Group)
  • Its Web site (Danish), Sept. 10, 2009 (LEGO Koncernen; founded 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen; English: LEGO Group; abbreviation of the two danish words "leg godt" meaning play well; German: LEGO Gruppe; head office is in Billund, Denmark)