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54800639 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
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  • no2014027041 sh 97005279
Corporate body details:
  • Fictitious characters
Used for:
  • Fairchild, Alice, Lady (Fictitious character)
See also:
  • Britannica Macro. v. 3, p. 967.
  • Carpenter, H. The Oxford companion to children's literature, 1984 pp. 15-18 (Alice, central character of Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the looking-glass (1871); Alice's adventures under ground is the manuscript version of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and its first facsimile edition was published in 1886)
  • Moore, Alan. Lost girls, 2006 vol. 1, ch. 10, p. 8 (Lady Fairchild reveals her name is Alice; details she relates in her story (chap. 9) make clear that she is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice)
  • Noon, J. Automated Alice, 1996 jkt. (Sequel to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass; Alice travels through time to Manchester, England, 1998)
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  • (AuPaJTL)496404
  • (AuCNL)904164
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