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51933885 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • no 90011476
Used for:
  • Hilaire, Saint, Archbishop of Arles, 401-449
  • Hilarius Arelatensis, Saint, 401-449
  • Hilarius, Saint, Archbishop of Arles, 401-449
See also:
  • Encyc. Brit., 15th ed., 1987 (Hilary of Arles, Saint, Latin: Hilarius; b. 401; d. 5/5/449; Gallo-Roman bishop of Arles)
  • Kolon, B. Die Vita S. Hilarii Arelatensis, 1925
  • La vie d'Hilaire d'Arles, 1995
  • Lex. für Theol. und Kirche, 1960 (Hilarius, Erzbischof von Arles, heilige)
  • Pseudo-Hilarius, Metrum in Genesin, Carmen de Evangelio, 2006 p. 131-134 (previous attribution of these poems to Hilary of Poitiers or Hilary of Arles appears untenable)
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  • (AuPaJTL)198391
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