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  • nr 96035735
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  • Xenophon. ̓Ανάβασις
  • Xenophon. De Cyri expeditione
  • Xenophon. De Cyri minoris expeditione
  • Xenophon. Expeditio Cyri
  • Xenophon. Kyrou anabasis
  • Xenophon. Xenophōntos Kyrou anabasis
  • Xenophon. Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri
  • Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.
  • Brill's New Pauly online, 30 August 2012 ( ̓Ανάβασις; historiographic monograph describing in seven books the "march of the Ten Thousand," the Greek mercenaries in the service of Cyrus, to Asia and their return after the battle of Cunaxa)
  • Flower, Michael A., Xenophon's Anabasis, 2012 page 29 (probably written in the early 360s BC)
  • LC in RLIN, 10/3/96 (hdg.: Xenophon. Anabasis)
  • LCCS: PA4494 (Anabasis (De Cyri (minoris) expeditione lib. VII))
  • Xenophōntos Kyrou anabasis = Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri, 1895.
  • Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri : anabasis, 1972 p. [1] (Xenophontos Kyrou anabasis)
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