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  • Bernard, of Montjoux, Saint, -1081
  • Bernardo, d'Aosta, Saint, -1081
  • Menthon, Bernard de, Saint, -1081
  • Bernard, de Menthon, Saint, d. 1081
  • Butler's lives of the saints, 1963 v. 2, p. 411, etc. (St. Bernard of Montjoux; founder of 2 hospices in Alps; vicar general, diocese of Aosta; often referred to as Bernard of Menthon because of alleged birth in Savoy to Count Richard of Menthon; prob. of Italian birth with parentage unknown; seems to have been clearly shown he died in 1081 & not in 1008)
  • Cambridge biog. dict., 1990 (Bernard of Menthon, St. (923-1008); Italian churchman; b. in Savoy; feast day, May 28th)
  • Catholic Information Network WWW Home page, Mar. 5, 2003 Saints (St. Bernard of Menthon or Montjoux; lived in 11th cent.; may have been son of count of Menthon, hence his traditional surname; this view questioned & he is now more frequently called St. Bernard of Montjoux after a hospice est. on Mons Jovis)
  • Diz. biog. degli italiani (Bernardo d'Aosta, santo; b. 923; d. 1008)
  • GDEL (Bernard de Menthon (saint); b. château de Menthon near Annecy ca. 996; d. Novara 1081; archidiacre d'Aoste; founded hospice at Mont-joux and at Colonne-joux)
  • Le millénaire de Saint Bernard de Menthon. II, Livre d'or, 1926 t.p. (Saint Bernard de Menthon)
  • NUC pre-56 (hdg.: Bernard de Menthon, Saint)
  • St. Patrick's Church (Washington, D.C.) WWW Home page, Mar. 5, 2003 index of saints (Bernard of Montjoux (Menthon); b. ca. 996, prob. in Italy; d. ca. 1081 in Novara, Italy; sometimes erroneously referred to as Bernard of Menthon; patron saint of Alpinists)
  • St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church (Rochester, N.Y.) WWW Home page, Mar. 5, 2003 Saints alive (St. Bernard of Aosta (923?-1081?); variously called St. Bernard of Menthon, St. Bernard of Mont-Joux, or St. Bernard of Aosta, the last being prob. best to use)
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