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  • Hobart, Tasmania
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  • Blackburn, Liz (Elizabeth H.)
  • Signed Rights Agreement form (16 June 2012) (Life dates, 26 Nov. 1948-)
  • Elizabeth Blackburn interviewed by Peter Pockley, 2012 t.p. (Elizabeth Blackburn)
  • Telomeres, 1995 t.p. (Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Univ. of Calif., San Francisco)
  • Wikipedia, 10 Aug. 2007 (Elizabeth (Liz) H(elen) Blackburn, born 26 Nov. 1948; Hobart, Tasmania; a professor of biology and leading researcher in the field of the telomere and the telomerase enzyme, and their relationships to aging and cancer)
  • Library of Congress Manuscript Division for the Elizabeth H. Blackburn papers, 1976-2016|b(Elizabeth H. Blackburn; Elizabeth Helen Blackburn; born 1948; Nobel Prize winner; academic career in biological research and physiology)
  • LCNA viewed June 2017 : (Blackburn, Elizabeth H.|q(Elizabeth Helen),|d1948-)
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