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49867096 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 85138635
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  • James, of Jerusalem, Saint
  • James, the Just
  • James, Saint, Brother of the Lord
  • Collier's (James, the "Brother" of the Lord)
  • Encyc. Brit. (James, Saint; sometimes referred to as the Lord's Brother (d. ca. 62); later tradition records that James was called "the Just"; the early church designates him the first bishop of Jerusalem)
  • Encyc. dict. of relig., 1970 (James, "brother of the Lord"; head of the early church at Jerusalem; modern biblicists deny the identification [with James, son of Alphaeus])
  • LC database, 11/3/86 (Hdg.: James, Saint, Brother of the Lord)
  • New Cath. encyc. (under James (son of Alphaeus), St.: widespread opinion among Catholics is that James of Alphaeus and James the brother (i.e., relative) of the Lord are the same; a number of recent scholars stress a distinction between the Apostles and the brethren; James the brother of the Lord is identified with James of Jerusalem)
  • Schaff-Herzog (James the Just)
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  • (AuPaJTL)11966
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