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49784751 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • nr 93019180
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  • Condé, Hy (Henri I de Bourbon), prince de, 1552-1588
  • De Condé, Henri I de Bourbon, prince, 1552-1588
  • Bourbon, Henri I de, prince de Condé, 1552-1588
  • De Bourbon, Henri I, prince de Condé, 1552-1588
  • Henry, Prince of Condé, 1552-1588
  • Data provided by the ESTC/BL
  • An aunsvvere to the excommunication lately denounced and published by Sixtus Quintus, Pope of Rome so called, 1585 signed at end (Henry Prince of Conde)
  • Hyamson, A. A dict. of universal biography, 1951 (Condé, Hy. I., Prince of, 1552-1588)
  • Dr. Hofer. Nouvelle biographie generale, 1853-66 (Condé, Henri Ier de Bourbon, prince de, b. 1552, d. 1588)
  • LC in RLIN, 05-24-93 (hdg.: Condé, Henri I de Bourbon, prince de, 1552-1588)
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  • (AuCNL)872556
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