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  • Name.
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  • n 50008778
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  • Peter I, Emperor of Brazil, 1798-1834
  • Pedro IV, King of Portugal, 1798-1834
  • D'Alcântara de Bragança, Pedro, 1798-1834
  • Alcântara de Bragança, Pedro d', 1798-1834
  • De Bragança, Pedro d'Alcântara, 1798-1834
  • Bragança, Pedro d'Alcântara de, 1798-1834
See also:
  • His Correspondance, 1827.
  • D. Pedro d'Alcântara de Bragança, 1798-1834, 1986 t.p. (Imperador do Brasil, Rei de Portugal)
  • Encyc. of world history, 1952 p. 648-649 (King John VI of Portugal d. Mar. 10, 1826; son Dom Pedro, who was emperor of Brasil, succeeded as Peter IV, King of Portugal, but soon ceded the Portuguese throne to his daughter Maria da Gloria (Maria II, reigned 1826-1853), with Pedro's brother Miguel as regent; Miguel proclaimed himself king following a coup d'état in May 1828; "Miguelite Wars," 1828-1834; Pedro abdicated Brazilian throne Apr. 7, 1831, and returned to Europe)
  • Portuguese and English Wikipedia WWW sites, Dec.7, 2007 (Pedro I of Brazil; also held the Portuguese throne briefly as Pedro IV of Portugal; full name Dom Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim de Bragança e Bourbon; b. palace of Queluz, near Lisbon, Oct. 12, 1798, d. there Sept. 24, 1834; proclaimed 1st Emperor of Brazil, Oct. 12, 1822 and crowned on Dec. 1; on death of his father João VI (Mar. 10, 1826), João's daugher Isabel Maria de Bragança was named regent of Portugal until "the legitimate heir returned to the kingdom"; Pedro remained in Brazil and abdicated the Portuguese throne in favor of his daughter, May 28, 1826; abdicated throne of Brazil Apr. 7, 1831)
  • Britannica Online, Dec. 7, 2007 ("On the death of King John VI (March 10, 1826), Pedro I had become titular king of Portugal as Pedro IV. Two months later, still in Brazil, he issued a parliamentary charter for Portugal and conditionally abdicated the Portuguese throne in favour of his daughter Maria da Glória, the future Queen Maria II. He died of natural causes in Portugal [Sept. 24, 1834] while securing his daughter's claim against that of his brother, the regent Miguel")
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