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49784115 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Description conventions:
  • rda
LC number:
  • n 79055479
Corporate body details:
  • Legendary character
Associated with:
  • Great Britain
Lived/located in:
  • Great Britain
  • Kings and rulers
Used for:
  • Arturus, Rex
  • Artur, Koning
  • Arturo, Rey
  • Artus, König
  • Arthur, König
  • Artù, Re
  • Artús, Rei
  • Артур, Кароль
  • Artur, Karolʹ
  • Артур, Крал
  • Artur, Kral
  • Arthur, Kralj
  • Arzhur, Roue
  • Arturo, Haring
  • Artuš, Král
  • Arthur, Brenin
  • Arthur, Kong
  • Arthur, Kuningas
  • Αρθούρος, Βασιλιάς
  • Arthouros, Vasilias
  • Arturo, de Bretaña
  • Arturo, del Reino Unido
  • Arturo, Reĝo
  • Artur, erregea
  • Arthur, Roi
  • Arthur Pendragon
  • Pendragon, Arthur, (Legendary character)
  • Arthur, Kening
  • Adha, Ree
  • Artur, Ree
  • Artur, Rei
  • 아서, 왕
  • 아서 왕
  • Asŏ, Wang
  • Asŏ Wang
  • Arthur, Rejulo
  • Arthur, Raja
  • Артур, Къарол
  • ארתור, המלך
  • Artur, ha-Melekh
  • Arthur Gernow
  • Arthurus, Rex
  • Arthur, Rex
  • Arturius, Rex
  • Arturs, Karalis
  • Artūras, Karalius
  • Artúr, király
  • Arthur, Koning
  • Artus, Koning
  • アーサー, 王
  • アーサー王
  • Āsā-ō
  • Āsā, ō
  • Arthur, av britene
  • Èrthu, Rouai
  • Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
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  • Wikipedia, October 2, 2014 (King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. The details of Arthur's story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and his historical existence is debated and disputed by modern historians) Aragonese page (Rei Artús) Belarusian page (Кароль Артур = Karolʹ Artur) Bulgarian page (Артур = Artur; Крал Артур = Kral Artur) Bosnian page (Kralj Arthur) Breton page (Roue Arzhur) Catalan page (Rei Artús) Cebuano page (Haring Arturo) Czech page (Král Artuš) Welsh page (Y Brenin Arthur; y Brenin Arthur) Danish page (Kong Arthur) German page (Artus; König Artus) Estonian page (Kuningas Arthur) Greek page (Βασιλιάς Αρθούρος = Vasilias Arthouros) Spanish page (Rey Arturo; also known as Arturo de Bretaña and Arturo del Reino Unido) Esperanto page (Reĝo Arturo) Basque page (Artur erregea) French page (Roi Arthur, or Arthur Pendragon) Western Frisian page (Kening Arthur) Manx page (Ree Adha, or Ree Artur) Galician page (Rei Artur) Korean page (아서 왕 = Asŏ Wang) Ido page (Rejulo Arthur) Indonesian page (Raja Arthur) Ossetic page (Къарол Артур = Kʺarol Artur) Italian page (Re Artù) Hebrew page (המלך ארתור = ha-Melekh Artur) Cornish page (Arthur Gernow) Latin page (Arthurus (rex); also Arthur, or Arturus, or Arturius) Latvian page (Karalis Arturs) Lithuanian page (Karalius Artūras) Hungarian page (Artúr király) Macedonian page (Крал Артур = Kral Artur) Dutch page (Koning Arthur (or Artur or Artus)) Japanese page (アーサー王 = Āsā-ō) Norwegian page (Arthur av britene; Kong Arthur) Nouormand page (Rouai Èrthu)
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  • (AuCNL)908440
  • (AuPaJTL)199886
  • (AuCNL)871563
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