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  • BNP
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  • Butler, D. British political facts, 1900-1994, 1994 p. 164 (National Front was formed by a merger of the League of Empire Loyalists and the British National Party in 1966)
  • The British Right, c1977 p. 165-166 (National Front, formed in 1967, brought together small groups, notably the League of Empire Loyalists - founded in 1954 - and the British National Party; the [British National] Party was itself the result of a merger, in 1960, between two groups, the White Defence League [no publs. in LC database] and the National Labour Party [no publs. in LC database])
  • Baker, D. Ideology of obsession, 1996 p. 197 (National Front, founded in 1967 with the merging of the League of Empire Loyalists, the British National Party, the Greater Britain Movement and the Racial Preservation Society)
  • Britain's graveyard, 1957?: t.p. (League of Empire Loyalists) Britannica 15 Contemporary British fascism, 2004: CIP t.p., etc. (British National Party; BNP; fd. 1982; a successor to the 1960-67 BNP and the National Front; there were other, unrelated and short-lived British National Parties in 1942 and the 1970's)
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