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  • ʻAbbās I, Viceroy of Egypt, 1813?-1854
  • عباس I, Viceroy of Egypt, 1813?-1854
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  • Miṣr fī ʻahday ʻAbbās wa-Saʻīd, 2007 p. 19, etc. (عباس = ʻAbbās; b. in 1228 H/1813 M in Cairo; it's been said also that he was born in Jiddah, 1816; became viceroy of Egypt in 1848; d. 1854)
  • Enc. of Islam, 2nd ed. (ʻAbbās Ḥilmī I; viceroy of Egypt, b. 1813, son of Aḥmad Ṭūsun (1793-1816) and grandson of Muhamad ʻAlī; d. 1854)
  • Enc. Brit. (ʻAbbās I; viceroy of Egypt; also called ʻAbbās Ḥilmī I; b. 1813; d. 1854, Banhā, Egypt; viceroy of Egypt under Ottomans from 1848 to 1854)
  • Acad. Amer. enc., 1995.
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