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  • Putin, Wladimir Wladimirowitsch, 1952-
  • Putin, Volodymyr, 1952-
  • Pujing, 1952-
  • Yahoo. Vladimir Putin Home page, 03-03-2000 (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on 7 Oct. 1952 in Leningrad. His nickname is the "grey cardinal". He studied law at Leningrad State University where he graduated in 1975. He then worked for the KGB's intelligence service in Germany until he resigned in 1990. After administrative posts in the Saint Peterburg's Office of Mayor, Boris Yeltsin appointed him in charge of Russia's Federal Security Service [Federalʹnai︠a︡ sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossii] in July 1998. Subsequently he was to become chief of Russia's Security Council [Sovet bezopasnosti Rossiĭskoĭ Federat︠s︡ii]. In August 1999 Yeltsin appointed Putin as Russia's new Prime Minister and on 31 December 1999 Yeltsin designated Putin as acting President of the Russian Federation. Elections for Russia's President are to be held in March 2000)
  • LC Congr. Research. News Edge, 03-29-00 (Vladimir Putin 47, former head of Russia's FSB domestic security service, became prime minister in 1999; a native of St. Petersburg, where he served as deputy to former Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, he has also occupied senior posts in Yeltsin's administration)
  • Pravitelʹstvo Rossiĭskoĭ Federat︠s︡ii, 1999 p. 29-30 (Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich; b. 10-07-1952 in Lenningrad. After graduation served in the KGB for 17 years; several of them in Germany. Worked in Leningrad, then Saint Petersburg governmental positions. On 9 Aug. 1999 chosen first vice-premier of the Russian Government, and when Yeltsin resigned Putin was chosen chairman of the Russian Government on 16 Aug. 1999)
  • Telefony vlastnykh struktur Rossii, 1998 p. 52 (Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich; director of the Federalʹnai︠a︡ sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossii)
  • Wladimir W. Putin, 2000 p. 36 (Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin, b. Oct. 7, 1952, Leningrad)
  • Preli︠u︡da Putina, 2001 p. 7 (Volodymyr Putin)
  • Quan li he mei li, 2004 t.p. (Pujing) p. 350 (Mar 14, 2004 won the 4th presidential election as Russia's president)
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