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47056616 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
Used for:
  • Sinde, Ángeles González
  • González-Sinde Reig, Ángeles
  • Reig, Ángeles González-Sinde
  • La Buena estrella, 1997?: title frame (Angeles González Sinde, director)
  • Entre vivir y soñar, 2005: t.p. (Ángeles González Sinde)
  • La puta y la ballena, c2004: title frame (Ángeles González-Sinde; screenwriter)
  • Internet movie database, Feb. 16, 2010: (Ángeles González Sinde; b. 1965) May 20, 2011 (b. Ángeles González-Sinde Reig; minister of culture of Spain)