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42221389 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
  • His Summer knight, c2002: t.p., etc. (Jim Butcher) p. 2 of cover, etc. ([other titles include] Storm front, Fool moon, Grave peril) p. 3 of cover (also a martial arts enthusiast; r. in Penn. with wife and son; this is his fourth novel; website:
  • Proven guilty, 2006: ECIP t.p. (Jim Butcher) data view (lives in Independence, Mo. with wife and son; website:
  • Biog. resource center (Contemp. authors), June 28, 2006 (Jim Butcher; b. Oct. 26, 1971, Independence, Mo.; writer of "Dresden files" series and "Codex Alera" series)