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42125155 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • rda
LC number:
  • n 83318685
Used for:
  • Ioane, Italosi, 11th cent
  • Ioann, Ital, 11th cent
  • Iōannēs, ho Italos, 11th cent
  • Jean, Italos, 11th cent
  • Joannes, Italos, 11th cent
  • Joannes, Italus, 11th cent
  • Johannes, Italos, 11th cent
  • John, Italus, 11th cent
  • John, the Italian, 11th cent
  • Italos, John, 11th cent
  • Italus, John, 11th cent
  • Joannes Italus, 11th cent
  • John, Italos, 11th cent
  • Byzantinische Kommentatoren der aristotelischen Topik, 1999 t.p. (Johannes Italos)
  • Clucas, L. The trial of John Italos and the crisis ... 1981 t.p. (John Italos) p. 1 (on trial in March 1082)
  • Cyclop. of biblical, theolog. and eccles. lit., 1899 (John the Italian (Italus), Greek philosopher and heretic)
  • Encyc. Bit., 1972 (Italus, John, fl. 11 cent. A.D.)
  • His Tʻxzulebani, 1966 t.p. (Ioane Italosi) added t.p. (Ioann Ital, Ioannis Itali) p. 1 (Iōannou tou Italou)
  • LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: Joannes Italus, 11th cent.; usage: Jean Italos)
  • New Cath. encyc., c1967 (John Italus, Byzantine philosopher and humanist; b. ca. 1025; d. after 1082; Jean Italos, Joannes Italos)
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  • (AuCNL)845674
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  • CStRLIN eng rda