Record ID:
41896950 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Used for:
  • A & M Records (Firm)
  • A and M Records (Firm)
  • Hot ā€™nā€™ nasty [SR] p1994: label (A&M Records)
  • LC database, 11-4-96 (hdg.: A&M Records (Firm))
  • Pavlakis, C. The American music handbook, 1974: p. 605 (A & M Records; founded Aug. 1962; label: A & M Records)
  • Schwann Record & Tape Guide, Feb. 1981: p. 262 (A&M)
  • Kosht, R.M. A&M Records discography, c1986: t.p.
  • Music industry dir., 7th ed. (A&M Records, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Phone call to A&M Records, Mar. 3, 1997 (there are no spaces in the company name between the letters and the ampersand)