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41738994 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 85266946 n 90723539
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  • Brown, James, 1934-
  • His James Brown, the godfather of soul, c1986 t.p. (James Brown) p. 1 (b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, S.C.; full legal name: James Joe Brown, Jr.)
  • LC data base, 5-14-86 (hdg.: Brown, James, 1934- )
  • Premarc (hdg.: Brown, James, 1934- )
  • Stambler, I. Enc. of pop, rock, and soul, c1974 (Brown, James; b. 6-17-28, Pulaski, Tenn.; "Some records indicate he was born in Tennessee, but Brown himself places his birth at Macon, Georgia, in the '30s.")
  • Southern, E. Biogr. dict. of Afro-Amer. and African musicians (Brown, James; b. 6-17-28, Pulaski, Tenn.)
  • Loewen, N. James Brown, 1989 CIP introd. (soul singer James Brown) text (b. 5-3-33 in a cabin near Barnwell, S.C.)
  • Int. dict. of Black composers, 1999 (Brown, James; b. June 17, 1933, Barnwell, Tenn. [sic])
  • Int. ww in mus., v. 2, pop. mus., 1st ed. (Brown, James; b. May 3, 1928, Barnwell, S.C.; soul singer)
  • Enc. of pop. mus., 3rd ed. (Brown, James; b. May 3, 1928, Barnwell, S.C.; Brown claims he was born 1933, Macon, Ga.)
  • New Rolling stone enc. of rock & roll (Brown, James; b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, S.C.; some records give his birthdate as 1928)
  • Contemporary musicians v. 2 (Brown, James; b. June 17, 1928 (some sources cite May 3, 1928, others cite May 3, 1933), Pulaski, Tenn. (some sources cite Augusta, Ga.); singer, songwriter)
  • Contemporary musicians v. 16 (Brown, James; b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, SC (some sources say Augusta, GA, or Pulaski, TN); singer, bandleader)
  • New Grove dict. of Amer. mus. (Brown, James; b. May 3, 1933, near Augusta, GA; popular singer, dancer, songwriter, and bandleader)
  • New York times WWW site, Dec. 26, 2006 (James Brown; b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, S.C.; d. early yesterday [Dec. 25, 2006], Atlanta, aged 73; singer, songwriter, bandleader, and dancer who indelibly transformed 20th-century music)
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  • (AuCNL)859343
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