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  • Solinus, Gaius Julius, 3rd century?
  • Solinus, C. Iulius, 3rd century?
  • Solinus, Julius, 3rd century?
  • Solinus, Iulius, 3rd century?
  • Solino, 3rd century?
  • Iulius Solinus, Gaius, 3rd century?
  • Julius Solinus, Gaius, 3rd century?
  • Solinus, Caius Julius, 3rd century?
  • Solinus, C. Julius, 3rd cent.?
  • His Polyhistor, 1538: t.p. (C. Iulij Solini ...) p. 3 (Iulius Solinus; his dates are not certain; he mentions the emperor Vespasian; his source was largely Pliny)
  • Oxford class. dict. (Solinus, Gaius Julius; wrote Collectanea rerum memorabilium, probably soon after A.D. 200, the whole of which was taken from the elder Pliny and from Mela)
  • LC PA class. schedule (Solinus, C. Julius, 3rd cent. C.E.?)
  • Kleine Pauly (Solinus; C. Iulius Solinus in only a few mss.; lived before Ammianus and after Suetonius; dated by most in mid-3rd cent. on stylistic grounds)
  • Coleccio╠ün de hechos memorables o El erudito, c2001: t.p. (Solino)
  • Oxford class. dict., 1996 (Iulius Solinus, Gaius)
  • BM (Solinus, Caius Julius)
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