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  • Li, Ssu, 280? B.C.-208 B.C
  • Ssu, Li, 280?-208 B. C.
  • 李斯, 280? B.C.-208 B.C.
  • Li Si (Chinese: 李斯; pinyin: Lǐ Sī; Wade–Giles: Li Ssu) (ca. 280 BC – September or October 208 BC) was the influential Prime Minister (or Chancellor) of the feudal state and later of the dynasty of Qin, between 246 BC and 208 BC. A famous Legalist, he was also a notable calligrapher. Li Si served under two rulers: Qin Shi Huang, king of Qin and later First Emperor of China—and his son, Qin Er Shi.[1] A powerful minister, he was central to the state's policies, including those on military conquest, draconian centralization of state control, standardization of weights, measures and the written script, and persecution of Confucianism and opponents of Legalism. His methods of administration of China is seen by some as being an early form of totalitarianism.
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  • China's first unifier, 1967 t.p. (Li Ssu)
  • Bodde, D. China's first unifier ... 1938.
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