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  • n 80133073
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  • Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh
  • China. China People's University
  • China People's University
  • People's University of China
  • China. Zhongguo ren min da xue
  • Zhong guo ren min da xue
  • Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh, Peking
  • Ren min da xue (China)
  • PUC.
  • Ren da (China)
  • Chinese People's University
  • Ching chi li lun ... 1982 nien ti 3 ch‘i verso of t.p. (Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh) cover p. 3 (People's University of China)
  • Ch‘eng, F.W. Chan huo chung ti ta hsüeh, 1982 t.p. (Jen min ta hsüeh) p. 13, etc. (originally was named as Shan-pei kung hsüeh [no publs. in LC data base], est. in 1937; in 1939 combined with other colleges became Hua-pei lien ho ta hsüeh [no publs. in LC data base]; then in 1948 re-organized as Hua-pei ta hsüeh [no publs. in LC data base]; finally in 1950 re-formed as Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh)
  • She hui chu i ssu hsiang shih, 1987- v. 1, page facing t.p. (Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh) cover p. 4 (PUC)
  • Ch‘ing shih yen chiu t‘ung hsün, 1984, 3 masthead (Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh) p. 29 (Jen ta)
  • Ch‘ing pao tzu liao kung tso, 1987, 2 t.p. (Chung-kuo jen min ta hsüeh) Eng. contents p. (Chinese People's University)
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