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  • Fa lun gong (Organization)
  • Falungong (Organization)
  • Info. from CaAE, Jan. 16, 2001 (Center for Studies on New Religions Web site, Jan. 16, 2001 (The largest (but by no means the only) Qi Gong group is Falun Gong))
  • Oxford concise dict. of world religions, 2000: p. 189 (Falun Gong is a Chinese movement founded by Li Hongzhi in 1992. Its teaching, known as Falun Dafa, draws on practices of Buddhism and Taoism, particularly on meditation and breathing techniques, offering its adherents control over life and its vicissitudes, including illness and death. Following a massive demonstration by its followers in Beijing in 1999, it was condemned and attacked by the Chinese authorities who identified the organization as the latest in the many Chinese religious societies that have combined religious assurance with political dissent. Falun Gong claimed not to be an organization, despite a closely connected membership, achieved not least through the internet)
  • Dangerous meditation, 2002: t.p. (Falungong)
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