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  • Samannūd (Egypt)
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  • Egypt
  • Historians
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  • Manefon
  • Manethon
  • Manethos
  • Manetone
  • Dictionary of African Biography, accessed February 27, 2014, via Oxford African American Studies Center database (Manetho; historian; born about 305 BCE in Sebennytos, Egypt; was active during the reigns of Ptolemy I (305-282 BCE) and Ptolemy II (282-246 BCE); was educated in both Egyptian and Greek; belonged to the group of supporters and relatives of Nectanebo II, who collaborated with Ptolemy I; his most important works were historical - Against Herodotus and Aigyptiaka; died presumably in Egypt)
  • Ency. Brit., 1981 (Manetho, also Manethos or Manethon, fl. c. 300 B.C., Egyptian priest, historian)
  • Manefon i ego vremi?a︡, 2003.
  • Oxford class. dict. (Manĕtho (fl. 280 B.C.) Egyptian high priest; historian)
  • Salvini, A.M. Manetone, 1976 t.p. (Manetone)
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