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  • Wimbleton, Surrey, England
  • Sydney, New South Wales
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  • Botanists Explorers Plant collectors
  • Botanist and explorer sent to Australia in 1816. He joined Oxley on expedition to the Lachlan River and then in 1817, 1820 and 1821 sailed with Phillip Parker King to Western and Northern Australia. In 1823 he found Pandora's Pass in Central N.S.W. and 4 years later discovered the Darling Downs and a pass through the Great Dividing Range. In 1831 he journeyed to England but returned to Sydney in 1837 where he remained until his death, apart from a visit to New Zealand in 1838
  • Wikipedia website viewed July 2020 : (Cunningham was born in Wimbledon, Surrey, England, the son of Allan Cunningham ... On 27 June 1839, he died of consumption in Sydney...Occupation Botanist, Explorer...Australias' most prolific plant collector of the early nineteenth century, Cunningham had been sent to Australia to expand the collection at the King' Garden at Kew)
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