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  • Name.
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  • n 84160046
Used for:
  • Dionisio Longino, active 1st century
  • Longino, 1st cent
  • Longinos, active 1st century
  • Pseudo Longino, active 1st century
  • Pseudo-Longinos, active 1st century
  • Pseudo-Longinus, active 1st century
  • Longino, Dionisio, active 1st century
  • Longinus, 1st cent
  • Longinus, 1st century
  • Da Longino a Longino, 1987 p. 7 (Pseudo Longino)
  • Encyc. Britannica, micropaedia (Longinus; fl. early 1st cent. A.D.; name sometimes assigned to the author of On the sublime)
  • Grant, M. Greek & Latin authors, 1980 (Longinus; name traditionally assigned to the Greek literary critic who wrote the treatise On the sublime (Peri hupsous); incorrectly identified as Dionysius Longinus, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, or Cassius Longinus, ca. 213-273; the author lived in the earlier part of the 1st cent. A.D.)
  • His Del sublime, c1991 t.p. (Dionisio Longino)
  • His On the sublime, 1984 CIP t.p. (Longinus)
  • Oxford classical dict. (Longinus, Ps.-Longinus; name commonly assigned to the unknown author of On the sublime, owing to its long but mistaken association with Cassius Longinus; was probably a first-century rhetor (fl. A.D. 890?))
  • Papyros Larous (under the name Longinos passes the work Peri hypsous [On the sublime], a work of the first part of the 1st cent.; not by Kassios Longinos)
  • Pauly-Wissowa subheading under "Longinos," the neoplatonist philosopher of 3d cent. (Pseudo-Longinos, author of On the sublime, who cannot possibly be correctly identified with any known real Longinus)
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