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36220223 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • n 79109291
  • 1845-12-08
  • 1935-02-13
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  • Chinese language
  • Sinologists Diplomats Translators
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  • Giles, H. A. (Herbert Allen), 1845-1935
  • nuc87-121918: Fa-hsien. Record of the Buddhistic kingdoms, 1972 (hdg. on MH rept.: Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935; usage: H.A. Giles)
  • Wikipedia 2 Sep. 2015 (Herbert Allen Giles (pinyin: Zhì Lisi; Wade-Giles: Chai2 Li3 Ssu1) 8 December 1845-13 February 1935) was a British diplomat, sinologist, and professor of Chinese language. Giles was educated at Charterhouse School before becoming a British diplomat in China. He modified a Mandarin Chinese Romanization system earlier established by Thomas Wade, resulting in the widely known Wade-Giles Chinese romanisation system. In 1897 Herbert Giles became only the second professor of Chinese language appointed at the University of Cambridge, succeeding Thomas Wade. Lists works)
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