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36171347 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 79139208 no 97076780
Used for:
  • Gentleman commoner of Oxford, 1710-1778
  • Arne (Thomas Augustine), Doctor, 1710-1778
  • Arne (Thomas Augustine), Dr, 1710-1778
  • Cole, M. A harpsichord recital on authentic instruments [SR] p1981 label (Thomas Arne)
  • DNB (Arne, Thomas Augustine, 1710-1778; composed The rose "said to have been written by 'an Oxford student,' but generally attributed to Arne") [info. fr. InU]
  • Grove, 5th ed. (Arne, Thomas Augustine, b. 3/12/1710; d. 3/5/1778; identifies Gentleman commoner of Oxford as possibly the same as Arne) [info. fr. InU]
  • His Cymon and Iphigenia, 1938 t.p. (Dr. Arne) [info. fr. InU]
  • His The rose, 1773 t.p. (words by a gentleman commoner of Oxford; the music by Doctor Arne) [info. fr. InU]
  • Miller, J. Hospital for fools, 1739.
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  • abv02383669
  • 000001177971
  • (AuCNL)354439
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  • OCoLC eng ANL