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36094856 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Description conventions:
  • rda
LC number:
  • n 50077698
Corporate body details:
  • Trading companies
Associated with:
  • Great Britain South America
Lived/located in:
  • London (England)
Used for:
  • Compagnie du Sud
  • Compagnie des mers du Sud
  • Company of Merchants Trading to the South Seas
  • Governour and Company of Merchants of Great Britain Trading to the South Seas and Other Parts of America, and for Encouraging the Fishery
  • "South Sea" here means South America, not the South Pacific Ocean.
  • Britannica Micro, 1986 (South Sea Company founded in 1711)
  • Aislabie, J. Discours apologetique du sieur Jean Aislabie ecuyer, 1721: t.p. (Compagnie du Sud)
  • VIAF 27 January 2020: BNF (South Sea Company; xrefs include : Compagnie des mers du Sud) Deutsche NB (South Sea Company; active 1711-1856; based in London)
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  • 000001101138
  • abv03345348
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