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  • Kerr, Philip, 1956-
  • Kerr, P. B. (Philip B.)
  • קר, פיליפ
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  • Wikipedia, 13 Jan. 2009: (Philip Kerr is a Scottish author born 1956 in Edinburgh; Kerr has published eleven novels under his full name and a children’s series "Children of the Lamp" under the name P.B. Kerr)
  • His March violets, 1990: CIP t.p. (Philip Kerr)
  • His The pale criminal, 1990: t.p. (Philip Kerr) jkt. (b. Edinburgh 1956)
  • His The Akhenaten Adventure, 2004: ECIP t.p. (P.B. Kerr)
  • Email to pub. 4/12/2004: (confirmed identity of author, previously writing for adults)
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