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  • n 50025622
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  • Ferenc József I, King of Hungary, 1830-1916
  • François-Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916
  • Francesco Giuseppe I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916
  • Francis Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916
  • František Josef I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916
  • Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916
  • פראנץ יאזעף I, קיסר
  • פראנץ יאזעפ, הראשון, קיסר מאוסטריה, 1830־1916
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  • Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project.
  • Non-Latin script references not evaluated.
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  • Who is the "King of Hungary" that is now a suitor in the English Court of Chancery? 1861 p. 5 (Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary and Bohemia)
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