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  • The College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of the Territory of Hawaii was established on the island of Oahu in 1907. In 1911, it became the College of Hawaii, and in 1919, the University of Hawaii. In 1964, the University was authorized by the State legislature to operate a state-wide community college system, and other campuses were consequently established. In 1970, the University of Hawaii at Hilo system, subsidiary to the University of Hawaii, was established on the island of Hawaii. Under its jurisdiction was the 4-year Hilo College, and three other institutions. In 1972, a reorganization of the University of Hawaii took place in which a state-wide central administration was established to oversee the multi-island system. At that time, the main campus in Honolulu became known as the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Works by these bodies are found under the name used at the time of publication.
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