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  • n 50018853 no 98028357
  • 19030503
  • Tacoma (Wash.)
  • 19771014
  • Madrid (Spain)
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  • United States
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  • Singing Acting
  • Singers Actors Entertainers
Used for:
  • Crosby, Harry Lillis, 1903-1977
  • Bingsy, 1903-1977
  • Bing, c1937.
  • Bing [SR] 1977 labels (Harry Lillis Crosby)
  • Bing & Al. Volume 2 [SR] p2000 label (Bing Crosby) container (Bingsy)
  • New Grove, 2nd ed. (Crosby, Bing (Harry Lillis); b. May 2, 1904, Tacoma, WA, d. Oct. 14, 1977, Madrid, Spain; American popular singer and actor)
  • WWW site, Aug. 2, 2006 Social Security death index (Harry Crosby; b. May 3, 1903, d. Oct. 1977)
  • All music guide WWW site, Aug. 2, 2006 (Bing Crosby; b. Harry Lillis Crosby, May 3, 1903, Tacoma, WA, d. Oct. 14, 1977, La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain)
  • Find a Grave WWW site, Aug. 2, 2006 (Bing Crosby; b. Harry Lillis Crosby, May 2, 1903, d. Oct. 14, 1977; gravestone reads: Harry Lillis Bing Crosby, 1904-1977)
  • Internet movie database, Aug. 2, 2006 (Bing Crosby; b. Harry Lillis Crosby, May 3, 1903, Tacoma, WA, d. Oct. 14, 1977, Madrid, Spain)
  • Steve Lewis' Bing Crosby Internet Museum, Aug. 2, 2006 FAQs (b. Harry Lillis Crosby, May 3, 1903, Tacoma, Wash.; during most of his life, Crosby gave May 2, 1904 as his birthdate; after his death a priest in Tacoma disclosed baptismal records giving his actual birthdate; birth announcements also appeared in the Tacoma daily news and Tacoma daily ledger on May 6 and 7, 1903, respectively; the family began celebrating May 2 as Bing's birthday in deference to his sister, Mary Rose, who was also born on May 3 in 1906)
  • Giddins, G. Bing Crosby, c2001- v. 1, t.p. (The early years, 1903-1940) p. 31 ("For all the decisiveness with which May 3, 1903 was flagged as Harry Lillis Crosby's birthday, the date proved controversial in and out of family circles. In all official accounts (generated by Paramount, Decca, the Crosby offices, and, most insistently, Bing himself), it was altered by one day and one year, to May 2, 1904. The true date was additionally obscured as two of his older brothers came to believe he was born in 1901"; the first of his younger sisters was born Oct. 3, 1904, the second, Mary Rose, on May 3, 1906; Bing's birthday was advanced to May 2 because Mary Rose insisted on having May 3 to herself) p. 626 (in 1957, Crosby obtained a baptismal certificate with the correct date and shortly thereafter his brother Larry gave the correct birthdate in a genealogy distributed to the family; 1901 and 1904 continue to appear in reference works)
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