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  • Cardinal
  • 18960122
  • Glebe (N.S.W.)
  • 19771021
  • Lewisham (N.S.W.)
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  • Australia
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  • Sydney (N.S.W.)
  • Bishops Cardinals
See also:
  • Pastoral letter of Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, 1947
  • ADB online 15 May 2018 (Sir Norman Thomas Gilroy (1896-1977), Catholic cardinal, was born on 22 January 1896 at Glebe, Sydney. He worked in the Post Office as a telegraphist. He began seminary studies at St. Columba's, Springwood, in 1917, and in 1919 was transferred to the Pontifical Urban College in Rome, and was ordained priest on 24 December 1923, and awarded his doctorate in theology in 1924, then returned to Sydney. He was nominated as Bishop of Port Augusta (S.A.) on 10 December 1934, and on 1 July 1937 appointed coadjutor to Archbishop Kelly in Sydney, succeeding him on 18 March 1940. He was made the first Australian-born cardinal in 1946. He was a staunch proponent of Catholic education. He attended the Second Vatican Council 1962-1965, but believed that leadership and changes in the church should be directed from the Vatican. He was knighted in 1969, and resigned his see on his 75th birthday, 22 January 1971. He died on 21 October 1977 in Lewisham Hospital.)
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