Record ID:
35851961 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
Authority type:
  • Name.
Description conventions:
  • rda
LC number:
  • n 50065733
Corporate body details:
  • Saint
Used for:
  • Barnabas, Saint
  • Barnabas, Saint, Apostle
  • Joseph Barnabas, Apostle, Saint
  • Joseph, Apostle, Saint
  • Joseph, of Cyprus, Saint
  • Joseph, the Levite, Saint
  • Joses, Levite, Saint
  • Joses, the Levite, Saint
  • Levite, Joses, Saint
  • Varnavas, Apostle, Saint
  • Varnavas, ho Kyprios, Saint
  • Becoming Barnabas, c2004: E-CIP galley (Joseph of Cyprus)
  • Ency. brit., c1972 (Barnabas, Saint, originally known as Joseph, the Levite or Joses, the Levite; b. Cyprus; fl. 1st cent. AD; Apostolic Father)
  • Holweck, 1924 (Barnabas, Apostle; the Levite Joses)
  • Joseph Barnabas, c1998.
  • New Cath. ency., c1967 (Barnabas, St.; originally named Joseph)
  • Nikolaid{macr}es, M. Varnavas ho Kyprios, 1973.
  • The Famous epistles of St. Polycarp and St. Ignatius ... 1668: t.p. (Saint Barnabas)
Local system number:
  • 000000857040
  • abv09228736
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  • DLC eng rda DLC DLC