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  • nr 89011146
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  • Angrist, J. D. (Joshua David)
  • His Econometric analysis of the Vietnam era draft lottery, 1989 t.p. (Joshua David Angrist)
  • His The effect of age at school entry on educational achievement, 1991 t.p. (Joshua D. Angrist, Harvard Univ. & NBER)
  • Identification of causal effects using instrumental variables, 1993 t.p. (J.D. Angrist)
  • Mostly harmless econometrics, 2008 ECIP t.p. (Joshua D. Angrist) data view (b. Sept. 18, 1960)
  • New evidence on classroom computers and pupil learning, c1999 t.p. (Joshua Angrist) abstract leaf (Dept. of Econ., MIT E52-353, Cambridge, MA, and NBER)
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