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35816447 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
Description conventions:
  • rda
LC number:
  • n 82032651
Used for:
  • Aelian, Claudius, 3rd cent
  • Ėlian, Klavdiĭ, 3rd cent
  • Aelianus, Claudius, 3rd cent
  • Ailianos, Klaudios, 3rd cent
  • Aelianus, Claudius
  • Aelian, 3rd cent
  • Oxford class. dict. (Aelianus, Claudius, known as "Aelian")
  • Encycl. Brit. (Aelian, Claudius [Latin "Claudius" combined with English "Aelian" probably to distinguish him from another Aelian on the same page])
  • LC PA class. schedule PA3821 (Aelianus, Claudius, 3d cent. C.E.)
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  • 000000821319
  • abv05396249
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  • DLC eng ANL SUA rda
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