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  • Singh, Khushwant, 1915-
  • K̲h̲ushvant Singh
  • Singh, K̲h̲ushvant
  • Khushwant Singh, 1915-2014
  • Singh, Khushwant, 1915-2014
  • b. 1915
  • His The Sikhs, 1953.
  • Information from Delhi office b (Khushwant Singh)
  • India WW, 1979-80 (Khushwant Singh; Editor in Chief, New Delhi Magazine, Calcutta)
  • Päkistān Aikspres, 1996 t.p. (K̲h̲ushvant Singh)
  • New York times (online), viewed Mar. 21, 2014 (in obituary published Mar. 20: Khushwant Singh; b. 1915 in Hadali, a village in the Thar Desert of what is now Baluchistan Province in Pakistan (his date of birth was not recorded; according to his autobiography, his father invented the date Feb. 2 when he enrolled him in school; Singh later changed it to Aug. 15, based on his grandmother’s recollection); d. Thursday [Mar. 20, 2014], New Delhi, aged 99, according to most reports, although by his own account he may have been several months shy of that age; Indian diplomat, author, and journalist who was one of his country’s best-known chroniclers of strife and slaughter)
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