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35765493 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 86820241
Used for:
  • John XXI, Pope, d. 1277
  • Giovanni XXI, Pope, -1277
  • John XXI, Pope, -1277
  • Pedro, Hispano, -1277
  • Peter, of Spain, -1277
  • Petrus, Hispanus Portugalensis, -1277
  • Petrus, Hispanus, -1277
  • Piero, Spano, -1277
  • Pietro, Ispano, -1277
  • Pietro, Spano, -1277
  • Juliani, Petrus, -1277
  • Rebello, Pedro Juli ao, -1277
  • Joannes XXI, Pope, -1277
See also:
  • BL database, 1 Nov. 2002 (ref.: Rebello, Pedro Juli ao)
  • Encyc. Brit., 15th ed., c1983 (John XXI; orig. name, Petrus Juliani, also called Peter of Spain; b. c. 1210-20, Lisbon; d. 5/20/1277, Viterbo, Italy; pope, 1276-77; wrote one of the most widely-used medieval textbooks on logic, Summulae logicales)
  • Encyc. of philosophy, c1967 (Peter of Spain, or Petrus Hispanus, Petrus Juliani (1210/1220-1277); logician, philosopher, pope; author of Summulae logicales)
  • His Qui in comincia illibro chiamato Thesoro de poueri, ca. 1497 t.p. (Piero Spano)
  • His Tractatus, called afterwards, Summule logicales, 1972, 1973 t.p. (Peter of Spain (Petrus Hispanus Portugalensis)) p. ix, etc. (identification with Pope John XXI disputed; may have been Petrus Alfonsi, O.P., or Petrus Ferrandi Hispanus (d. 1254-1259?))
  • John XXI, Pope. Il tesoro dei poveri, c2007 t.p. (Pietro Ispano (Papa Giovanni XXI))
  • LC manual cat. (hdg.: Joannes XXI, Pope, d. 1277; usage: Pedro Hispano, Peter of Spain, Pietro Spano)
  • New Cath. encyc., c1967 (John XXI, Pope (Peter of Spain); b. Petrus Juliani or Petrus Hispanus, Lisbon, between c. 1210 and 1215; his best-known work, the Summulae logicales)
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