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  • Assembly of Divines at Westminster (1643-1652)
  • Assembly of Divines (1643-1652 : Westminster, London, England)
  • Conventus Theologorum in Anglia (1643-1652)
  • Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643-1652)
  • Carruthers, S.W. The everyday work of the Westminster Assembly, 1943 p. 4 (no records after 3/25/1652 but may have continued in existence longer; the replacement system for examination of ministers was not established until 20 March 1653-4)
  • Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (Westminster Assembly (1643-52); called by the English Long Parliament to reform the Church of England; wrote the Larger and Shorter Westminster catechisms, the Westminster Confession, and the Directory of Public Worship; held 1163 sessions from 7/1/1643 to 2/22/1649; continued to meet occasionally until 1652)
  • Its Literae a Conventu Theologorum in Anglia ... 1644.
  • Its The humble advice of the Assembly ... 1658.
  • LC data base, 1/30/87 (usage: Westminster Assembly, Assembly of Divines, Assembly of Divines at Westminster)
  • Leith, J.H. Assembly at Westminster, 1973 p. 29 (chronology: 7/1/1643 Assembly convened; 2/22/1649 last numbered plenary session of the Assembly; 2/22/1649-3/25/1652 members of the Assembly met occasionally to examine and license candidates for the ministry)
  • Oxford dict. of the Chr. Church, 1957 (Westminster Assembly (1643): the synod appointed by the Long Parliament to reform the English Church; first met 7/1/1643; between then and 2/22/1649 held 1163 sessions; irregular meetings after that down to 1653, mainly for the trial of ministers; never formally dissolved)
  • Schaff-Herzog (Westminster Assembly: a synod of Calvinistic divines held in London; first meeting 7/1/1643; up to 2/22/1648 [sic] the assembly held 1163 sessions; continued an irregular existence until 1652)
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