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  • Assyria
  • Kings and rulers
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  • Aššur-Nacir-Aplia, King of Assyria, active 668 B.C.-627 B.C.
  • Assurbanipal, King of Assyria, active 650 B.C.
  • Asurbanipal, King of Assyria, active 668 B.C.-627 B.C.
  • Sardanapal, King of Assyria, active 668 B.C.-627 B.C.
  • Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria, fl. 668-627 B.C.
  • Asurbanipal.
  • Dictionary of African Biography, accessed November 25, 2014, via Oxford African American Studies Center database (Ashurbanipal; king of Assyria (668-628 BCE); Assyrian forces engaged Tarharqa's army at Kar-baniti (Saïs) and moved to take Memphis; when the Nubian advanced and reached Nineveh, he ordered another invasion; Assyrian army captured Thebes (663 BCE); Assyrian interest in Egypt ended with the defeat of the Kushites; later, Elamite kings, together with Arabian forces, allied with his brother, the ruler of Babylon, in a major revolt against Assyria (652- 648 BCE); soon after he devastated the Elamite capital Susa; died 630 BCE)
  • Ency. Brit. 15th ed. (Ashurbanipal; reigned 668-627 B.C.)
  • Zapisi najuzvišenijeg i najveličanstvenijeg Aššur-Nacir-Aplia moćnog kralja ... 2004 t.p. (Aššur-Nacir-Aplia) p. 88 (king of Assyria)
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