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  • Name.
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  • n 50038121
  • 17760504
  • Oldenburg (Germany)
  • 18410814
  • Göttingen (Germany)
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  • Philosophy Education--Philosophy
  • Philosophers Educators Professors
Used for:
  • Gerbart, I. F., 1776-1841
  • Ho-êrh-pa-tʻê, 1776-1841
  • Herbart, J. F. (Johann Friedrich), 1776-1841
  • Herbart, G. F. (Giovanni Federico), 1776-1841
  • Herbart, Giovanni Federico, 1776-1841
  • J.F. Herbarts "Allgemeine Pädagogik" als praktische Überlegung, c1993: p. 277 (Johann Friedrich Herbart)
  • La pedagogia di G.F. Herbart, 1915: p. vi, etc. (Giovanni Federico, 1776-1841)
  • Wikipedia 22 April 2020: Johann Friedrich Herbart (German: (4 May 1776 – 14 August 1841) was a German philosopher, psychologist and founder of pedagogy as an academic discipline. He was born in Oldenburg. He studied at Jena, where he disagreed with Fichte, worked as a tutor in Switzerland, wqhere he met Pestalozzi, studied at Bremen then moved to Göttingen 1801-1809, attaining his doctorate. In 1809 he moved to Königsberg, where he remained as professor of philosophy (in the chair Kant had occupied) intil 1833, when he returned to Göttingen as professor of philosophy, until his death.)
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